About Us

We are a travel company founded by a solo traveler who saw a opportunity to connect travelers to new experiences in a unique way. We offer truly distinctive tours to places rarely visited. Each destination is personally visited and selected by our founder, in a effort to solve the problem of over tourism, give the opportunity to view the world from a different perspective and create warm, genuine and meaningful connections with other travelers.

Why Choose Us

We are creating solutions to the problems created by the tourist industry such as

Over Tourism

Over tourism is created when a common tourist destination receives too many tourist i.e Cancun, this puts a massive burden on the people living there, replaces the local culture with corporate cultures and creates animosity towards the tourist. By going to incredible new destinations we give hidden gems the chance to shine, integrate into the local culture instead of over it and we are met with warmth from a local population who is proud of where they live and excited to share it with us. It created a magnet atmosphere that is truly life changing.


We believe that we flourish when the planet flourishes. We want to be apart of the environmental solution to the pollutions created by the tourist industry. To do that we use overland transportation, buy everything locally and calculate the carbon emissions emitted by each trip and offer the chance to offset them through a reputable carbon offset company.